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June 1, 2023

Attorney General Brenna Bird Sues Biden Administration Over Illegal Open Borders Policies

DES MOINES— Attorney General Bird joined 18 other states in a lawsuit Wednesday to challenge the Biden Administration’s “Circumvention of Legal Pathways” immigration rule. The unlawful policy increases the number of illegal aliens in the United States by guaranteeing entry for those who meet simple conditions.

During the worst border crisis in the nation’s history, the Biden administration’s reckless border policies continue to make the border crisis even worse. The new rule redefines previously illegal border crossings as “lawful pathways” and opens the door for even more illegal immigrants to flood across the border.

The rule aims to recategorize illegal immigrants as asylum-seekers by allowing illegal immigrants to reclassify themselves through using the CBP One app. The app ushers more illegal immigrants across the border. Any illegal alien who uses the CBP One app to “schedule” their entry into the United States at a specific Port of Entry is allowed asylum.

“President Biden is turning the border crisis into chaos,” said Attorney General Bird. “This open border rule turns every state into a border state. It strains our already-overburdened border security and invites an increase of illegal drugs, crime, and human trafficking into our communities. We must take urgent action to secure our border and keep the Biden Administration in check.”

The Department of Homeland Security rule violates the normal process by creating those new asylum eligibility standards without any action from Congress. The rule also fails to account for the harm it will cause to states, such as extra costs related to education, health care, and social services.

Iowa joined the Indiana-led lawsuit along with Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Read the full lawsuit here.

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