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March 21, 2024

Attorney General Bird to Lead Nationwide Lawsuit Against Biden Greenhouse Gas Disclosure Mandate

DES MOINES—Today, the Court chose Iowa to lead the nationwide lawsuit against Biden’s latest green scheme. Biden’s climate mandate forces businesses to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, attempts to influence investments based on climate change theories, requires businesses to disclose climate-related risks, and makes businesses release a plan to adapt to climate agenda recommendations.

Attorney General Bird released the following statement in response:

“I am leading a strong, nationwide coalition of Attorneys General in taking Joe Biden to Court. Biden’s radical climate mandate is the most outrageous act of overreach we’ve seen from the Securities and Exchange Commission since Biden took office. The SEC is supposed to prevent people from getting ripped off, not force an illegal climate mandate that is far outside of their wheelhouse. His climate mandate will only saddle businesses with costly red tape, threaten our supply chain, and devastate Iowa family farms. Biden also illegally worked around Congress to force his climate mandate through, knowing that it lacked support from lawmakers. Now, we’re going to teach Biden that not even he is above the law.”


For More Information:

Alyssa Brouillet | Communications Director

(515) 823-9112

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