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April 10, 2024

Attorney General Bird Leads 13-State Lawsuit to Pull the Plug on Biden Electric Vehicle Handout and Defend Ethanol

DES MOINES—Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird today led a 13-state coalition in a lawsuit to pull the plug on Biden’s electric vehicle handout and defend ethanol.

In Biden’s most recent attack in the war on gas vehicles, he is creating a rule that overstates the efficiency of electric cars by more than six-times. Biden’s illegal boost to electric vehicles hurts car owners, car manufacturers, liquid-fuel producers, and the electric grid.

The rule manipulates a more than 30-year-old incentive for car manufacturers that design cars that run on gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel, or compressed natural gas. The benefit that was intended to support farmers and ethanol producers is now being exploited to harm them by giving handouts to electric vehicles. This rule favoring electric vehicles hurts car-owners, roads, and carbon emissions across the country.

“We’re pulling the plug on Biden’s electric vehicle handout,” said Attorney General Bird. “Biden has made it clear that he will take every avenue possible to wage war on gas-powered vehicles. And Iowa ethanol is getting caught in the crossfire. I’m leading the charge in court to combat Biden’s extremist anti-energy agenda and protect Iowa ethanol and farmers.”

The States make the case that the electric vehicle handout violates the Administrative Procedure Act and exceeds the Department of Energy’s authority.

Iowa led 13-states in the lawsuit, including Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce.

Read the full lawsuit here.


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