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May 31, 2024

Attorney General Bird Announces Results of Audit to Improve Victim Services

DES MOINES—Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird today announced the results of the office’s victim services audit at a press conference in the Attorney General’s Des Moines office. The report specifically underscores not only the problems identified throughout the audit, but the changes made to improve victim services.

“As a prosecutor, I work with victims and their families every day,” said Attorney General Bird. “Serving victims is one of the main reasons why I ran for Attorney General. And it is why on day one, I set out to make real changes to ensure victims receive the justice and support they deserve. I am so glad to announce that through this audit, we not only identified the problems within the victim services system, but we created solutions to more effectively serve victims.

We know that no one chooses to be a victim, and they are not prepared for it. To all of Iowa’s victims, we are here to help. We have a dedicated team here working around the clock to support victims through healing and rebuilding. And I promise you this: as long as I am Attorney General, you will always have an ally in the Attorney General’s office.”

Key focuses of the audit include the following:

  • Creating System to Alert Victims of Protective Order
  • Fixing Iowa Victim Notification System
  • Ensuring Sexual Assault Nurses are Available
  • Reforming Crime Victim Compensation
  • Improving Tracking for Sexual Assault Evidence Kits
  • Fighting Against Federal Cuts to Victim Funding

Read the full report here.

Read the full fact sheet here.


For More Information:

Alyssa Brouillet | Communications Director


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