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May 25, 2023

Attorney General Bird Response to Supreme Court WOTUS Decision Protecting Iowa Farmers and Landowners

DES MOINES— Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird released the following statement today after SCOTUS issued a decision in Sackett v. EPA to protect American landowners.

“I’m glad that the Supreme Court ruled to protect American farmers and landowners and to narrow the EPA’s overreaching definition of Waters of the United States. Today’s victory will help us challenge the EPA’s new, even broader attempt to overregulate America’s waters. President Biden’s new definition allows the federal government to regulate as much as 97% of Iowa land and forces Iowans to pay large fees for permission to use their own property. I hope the EPA learned its lesson in Sackett v. EPA because we’re going to keep the fight going in our WOTUS lawsuit against the Biden rule to protect Iowa’s farmers, landowners, homebuilders, and producers.”


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