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Inaccurate Locating: Iowa One Call Online Complaint Form

Please note: This form is only to be completed if an owner/operator inaccurately marked an underground facility.

Complaints about late/non-responses to One Call locate tickets should be made to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB). Please email the IUB with a subject line of “Late/Non-Response Locate Complaint” at Please also include the list of One Call ticket number(s), name of the company filing the complaint, contact information for the submitting party, and copies of any communications with operators or locators.

Through collaboration with the Attorney General’s Office, the IUB will evaluate the complaint and conduct an investigation, and then provide the investigative file to the Attorney General’s Office. Our office will then determine whether an enforcement action is appropriate.

Excavation Date, Time & Location
Excavator Information
Excavation Purpose and Activity
Underground Utilities & Damage
Did excavator submit One Call locate request?
Inaccurate Markings
Additional information or comments
Your name and contact information
 (If known)


For the Attorney General's main Iowa One Call Law page, click here.

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