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November 6, 2001

Statement of Attorney General Regarding Microsoft

DES MOINES.The Microsoft plaintiff States reported to Judge Kollar-Kotelly this afternoon, and I informed the Judge that Iowa cannot join in the settlement today. We have worked around the clock for many days. Now I literally will go home to Iowa and sleep on it, and give it the deliberation it still deserves.

I don't rule out the possibility of settling with Microsoft, but I want to be sure the settlement actually accomplishes what we hope it accomplishes. We made remarkable progress in recent days toward a settlement that protects consumers and fair competition. My reservation is whether the settlement document itself faithfully and accurately executes the settlement principles to which we agreed.

We have worked on this case for years and spent countless hours in painstaking negotiation. We will live with any settlement for years, so I will spend several more days reviewing it. That is what is best for Iowa consumers, for Iowa businesses and for fair competition. The details of this settlement will go a long way toward shaping the future of personal computing and determining whether consumers enjoy the fruits of unfettered competition and innovation in everything from photos to music, messaging to commerce, and moving through the Internet.

The States have undertaken an extraordinary and intense process of examining the documents, consulting among one another, and negotiating with Microsoft with the aid of the mediator. I commend my Attorney General colleagues and their staff members for sustaining superior effort and superb collegiality and respect for one another.

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