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March 31, 2008

Reinbeck Company Pays $45,000 Civil Penalty for Air Pollution Control Violations

Attorney General alleged Garrett Corporation violated environmental regulations at Reinbeck facility that makes and paints targets for hunting and law enforcement.

The Garrett Corporation has been ordered to pay a $45,000 civil penalty for air pollution control violations at its target-manufacturing facility in Reinbeck, Attorney General Tom Miller said Monday. Garrett Corporation does business as Delta Industries, Ltd., or Delta Sports.

Grundy County District Court Judge Todd Geer assessed the civil penalty in a Consent Order issued Monday. The order resolves a lawsuit filed last Friday by Miller’s Office.

“We alleged air pollution control violations at Garrett’s plant that manufactures hunting and law enforcement targets,” Miller said. “The violations now have been corrected.”

The State’s lawsuit said urethane resin is injected into molds to make the shooting targets, and then the targets are painted. The facility includes several sources of air pollutants, including several paint booths. The Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources establishes operating and monitoring requirements in permits the DNR issues for the paint booths and other emission sources.

The suit alleged that Garrett Corporation exceeded its operating limits for paint materials from April through October 2006, constructed new paint booths without obtaining required construction permits, constructed an emission point contrary to plans approved in its construction permit, and failed to keep and maintain records of paint usage.

Miller said an inspection by the Iowa DNR on November 7, 2007, determined that the violations had been corrected, and that the Garrett Corporation facility in Reinbeck was in compliance with its construction permit operating and monitoring requirements. The Court Order permanently prohibits Garrett Corporation from further violations.

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