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March 11, 2022

Miller issues statement on USDA plan to invest in American-made fertilizer

Plan is an “important step toward addressing the unprecedented increases in in fertilizer prices.”

Attorney General Tom Miller welcomes the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s plan to invest $250 million to support additional U.S.-made fertilizer production for American farmers.

“This plan is an important step toward addressing the unprecedented increases in fertilizer prices and will spur competition in the marketplace,” Miller said. “Still more must be done to ensure that Iowa farmers, and those around the country, are not further harmed by supply chain disruptions and reliant on fertilizer imports.”

Earlier this year, Miller announced he was looking into the significant increase in fertilizer prices for farmers. That inquiry continues in consultation with the USDA, growers associations, and researchers from Iowa State University.

The inquiry aims to examine why the increases have happened, what were the basic factors that caused the price increase, and whether the increases can be explained by supply and demand. 

Miller’s office has had initial discussions with the staff of other state attorneys general about the fertilizer price increases. As president of the National Association of Attorneys General, Miller is focusing on consumer protection issues and has made this issue as part of his presidential initiative. 

“The fertilizer increases could hit the pocketbooks of all consumers in the form of higher food prices,” Miller said at the time. “I hope to use my presidency to draw attention to this crisis.”  

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