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December 7, 1998

Miller: Comment on South Carolina Withdrawing from Microsoft Antitrust Action

Following are comments made by Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller in response to inquiries about S.C. withdrawing from the suit:

We expect that South Carolina's withdrawal from the States' lawsuit against Microsoft will have no impact on the conduct of the litigation by the 19 remaining states and the District of Columbia. The case is going well, and it's full-speed ahead for us.

AOL's recently announced acquisition of Netscape does not excuse Microsoft's past conduct, and it will not affect the relief sought by the States. The merger's effect on competition is purely speculative, and we don't abandon a strong lawsuit on speculation about the future.

We launched this case and we remain in this case for the benefit of consumers and healthy competition. There has been substantial evidence at the trial that Microsoft's anti-competitive conduct has resulted in higher consumer prices, less consumer choice and decreased levels of innovation.


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