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November 10, 2016

Miller Announces Strengthened Consumer Protection Efforts for Iowa’s Veterans and Service Members

Efforts include complaint form and website enhancements, military veteran to assist with veteran and service member complaints

DES MOINES – Attorney General Tom Miller today announced a series of special consumer protection efforts designed to assist Iowans who are active duty service members or veterans.

“Veterans Day reminds us of the profound sacrifices that men and women have made to protect us all, for which we are thankful,” Miller said. “Our office is strengthening our year-round consumer protection efforts for Iowans who serve or have served in the military, as they can be specially targeted by scammers and businesses that engage in deceptive practices.”

Scammers and dishonest businesses may target veterans and service members because of their steady income and benefits. For example, scams targeting veterans include solicitations for deceptive military benefits services, and attempts at collecting personal information. Active duty service members may be solicited by predatory lenders.

The Consumer Protection Division is enhancing its consumer protection complaint intake process, increasing consumer protection awareness through the office website, and has brought in a military veteran volunteer to assist with complaints from Iowa consumers who are veterans or active duty service members.

  • Complaint forms now identify service members and veterans: Consumer Protection Division complaint forms now include a check box for consumers to identify themselves as active duty service members or veterans. The office will prioritize those consumer complaints, when appropriate, and identify what consumer issues uniquely affect service members and veterans from Iowa.
  • Increased consumer protection awareness: The Consumer Protection Division has created new web pages specifically for veterans and service members, which provide general legal advice, resources, and scams that may specifically target them.
  • Military veteran volunteer: Karl Schilling, a volunteer and Vietnam War veteran, assists with consumer protection complaints and inquiries specifically from service members and veterans.

“We want Iowans who are current or former service members to be aware of people trying to take advantage of their service and know that we’ll do what we can to stop those who try to prey on them,” Miller said. “Our office wants to know when a scammer or deceptive business tries to exploit any Iowan’s military service.”

Iowa veterans and active duty service members who need assistance with a consumer issue or wish to file a complaint should contact the Consumer Protection Division:


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