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May 25, 2004

Iowa Court Orders California Alternative High School to Cease Iowa Operations

DES MOINES.   Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller announced today that "California Alternative High School" has been temporarily enjoined from recruiting students or conducting classes in Iowa. Miller said that Polk County District Court Chief Judge Arthur E. Gamble has issued an order granting Miller's request that the Court enforce the Consumer Protection Division's subpoena to "California Alternative High School," and its "Principal," Daniel A.D. Gossai.

The State Consumer Protection Division said in its application for the order that "California Alternative High School" and Gossai failed to comply with the subpoena. The subpoena seeks information to determine if the private corporation engaged in deception by representing that completion of its program would be equivalent to a high school diploma or GED general equivalency degree -- and would qualify consumers for acceptance at colleges and universities. The program reportedly cost about $600 for ten weeks of classes, three hours per week.

The action asked the Court to prohibit "California Alternative High School" and Gossai from any further advertising or sales in Iowa because they failed to comply with the subpoena. The subpoena seeks names of those who paid for classes, and other information. The order issued by the court enjoins "California Alternative High School" and Gossai from operating the program in Iowa until they comply with the subpoena.

"California Alternative High School" is a California corporation that has been active in the Omaha and Council Bluffs areas. The Consumer Protection Division told the Court it appeared that the company tended to target lower-income Latino and immigrant populations with representations of college admission upon completion.

The filing said it appeared that the company's representations "were deceptive, due to the fact that it appeared that few if any colleges or universities would admit students based upon graduation" from "California Alternative High School's" unaccredited educational program.

The Nebraska Attorney General sued Gossai and the business, and Douglas County District Court Judge J. Patrick Mullen issued a temporary injunction in January prohibiting "California Alternative High School" from offering high school diplomas in Nebraska.

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