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August 1, 1998

Environmental Lawsuit Filed Naming Dodger Enterpreise CO., Tire Chop, Inc., and Donald Grell

FORT DODGE. The Attorney General's Office filed a lawsuit Tuesday alleging environmental violations by a Fort Dodge waste tire storage and processing facility. The suit filed today in Webster County District Court names as defendants Dodger Enterprise Co., Tire Chop, Inc. (also known as Tire Chop Division), and Donald E. Grell.
The petition alleged there are currently at least 1.2 million tires stored at the defendants' waste tire facility, located at 1525 Avenue O in Fort Dodge, and that the facility is in violation of its operating permit, state environmental regulations, and fire code requirements.

The suit asks the Court to issue an injunction ordering the defendants not to accept further tires at the facility, to reduce the number of unprocessed tires to no more than 40,000 allowed by the defendants' operating permit, and to fully comply with all applicable fire code provisions, such as maximum size of tire piles and minimum separation between the piles. The suit also asks the Court to assess a civil penalty up to $5,000 per day per violation.

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