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April 6, 2011

Court Orders Camanche Used Car Sellers to Cease

(DES MOINES, Iowa)  Attorney General Tom Miller has obtained a court order settling a consumer protection investigation of a Camanche, Iowa resident and his assistant, concerning their sales of used cars.  Miller’s Consumer Protection Division filed a petition March 30 alleging that the defendants, James Shores, Washington Boulevard Rebuilders (Shores' now-defunct Camanche business), and his assistant, Melissa Reuter, sold motor vehicles without a valid Iowa auto dealer's license and made auto and personal loans at unlawfully high rates of interest.

The consent judgment, also filed March 30 in Clinton County District Court, includes a court order barring Shores and Reuter from selling motor vehicles in Iowa until 2014, and thereafter only after having obtained a valid Iowa auto dealer's license.  The court further ordered the defendants to release all liens they held on vehicles they sold after June 8, 2007, and to forgive all money owed on auto or personal loans they made after that date.  The court order also bars the defendants from any attempts to collect money owed on those loans and from making any personal loans in Iowa.

Miller said that the value to consumers of the lien releases and loan forgiveness is more than $90,000 and that the defendants appear to have complied by releasing all known liens. 

The consent judgment follows a December 3, 2010 filing by his office in Polk County District Court of an application for a court order that Shores and Reuter cease selling vehicles in Iowa until they fully responded to civil consumer fraud subpoenas issued to them by the Consumer Protection Division.  Miller said that his office will dismiss the Polk County action now that the consent judgment has been entered.

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