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July 1, 1998

Comment on Candy Cigarettes--Investigation Ended

Miller Comment on Candy Cigarettes -- Investigation Ended

Attorney General says, "I don't want a peripheral issue like candy cigarettes to diminish public support for more important tobacco issues."

Following is a comment from Attorney General Tom Miller:

Today my office filed a withdrawal of our request for additional information on the possible link between candy cigarette manufacturers and tobacco consumption by youth. The withdrawal ends our investigation of this issue. While the issue has never been a priority of my office, we asked for the information because a reliable study suggested that youth were more inclined to smoke real cigarettes after having used candy cigarettes.

Since we filed the request for information, I have become convinced that many people see the inquiry as a digression from our main priority, which is protecting Iowa youth from lifelong addiction to tobacco. Public support is a crucial ingredient in our comprehensive effort to prevent the death of 5,000 Iowans who die prematurely every year from smoking- related disease. I don't want a peripheral issue like candy cigarettes to diminish that public support when we need that public support for more important tobacco issues such as passing legislation to allow the state to recover hundreds of millions of dollars Iowa taxpayers paid to treat the victims of tobacco-related illness.

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