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Newsroom - 2003 Archive

November 18, 2003

Consumer fraud suit alleges telemarketers trick Iowans into believing the callers are fire fighters, that donations will support local fire fighters, and that most of donated money helps fire fighters. DES MOINES. Attorney General Tom Miller filed a consumer fraud lawsuit today alleging that a Florida-based professional fundraiser company uses...

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November 10, 2003

DES MOINES. Attorney General Tom Miller said today that the principal tobacco companies whose advertising has appeared in Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report have agreed to the request by the Attorneys General that they remove advertising for their cigarette and smokeless tobacco brands from copies of those...

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November 7, 2003

"Body armor" vest may not be bullet-proof. "The question is what terms the company will offer for providing reliable vests," Miller said. DES MOINES. Attorney General Tom Miller said today that the State Consumer Protection Division is investigating the sale of certain bullet-proof vests by a Michigan company called Second...

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November 3, 2003

Court prohibits misrepresentation of meat or violations of Door-to-Door Sales Act - and orders "Farmer's Pride Meat Company" to make refunds. DES MOINES. The Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division filed a lawsuit alleging that Farmer's Pride Meat Company, Inc., misrepresented meat it was selling door-to-door in Iowa. The company agreed...

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