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Bi-Annual Performance Reports (Required of All Subrecipients)

All subrecipients receiving  victim assistance funds, must complete Victim Assistance bi-annual performance reports. 
These programs: Domestic Abuse Comprehensive (DAC), Sexual Abuse Comprehensive (SAC), Shelter-Based Victim Services, Statewide Victim Coalition, Culturally Specific Programs (CSP), Statewide Victim Hotline or Survivor of Homicide Program are required to use the Empower Database System (Empower DB). The reporting section of Empower DB has the capability of printing the reports.

Subrecipients who are required to use Empower DB will run their bi-annual performance report in the Empower DB system and then submit them in the Performance Reports component of Iowa GVS.

Empower DB has an assortment of instructional videos illustrating data entry and how to navigate the system in the Database Documentation Section.

EmpowerDB activity definitions will be used by anyone completing required reports. This comprehensive listing of activities and their corresponding definitions is designed to assist those agencies using EmpowerDB; however, anyone canuse these helpful definitions. 

The Biannual reporting templates can be found on the Attorney General’s website.


Any other reports such as Law Enforcement, Violence Against Women Prosecutors, Victim Witness Coordinators and VOCA Projects can be found here.

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