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Chapter 9 Reporting Requirements

The Attorney General's Office through the Victim Assistance Section and the Victim Services Support Program (VSS) administers funding from the following:  State of Iowa funding, Federal Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA), Federal Victim of Crime Act (VOCA), Federal STOP Violence Against Women Act (STOP), and Federal Sexual Abuse Services Program (SASP). 

The completion and submission of performance and financial reports is an important requirement for grant recipients. 

Reports are used to monitor projects, fulfill federal grant reporting requirements, provide information for state strategies and implementation plans and assist Victim Services (VSS) to determine project success and funding allocations. The project directors are usually the persons responsible for timely submission of completed program and fiscal reports. Failure to submit required reports on time is a breach of contract requirements. Financial reimbursement may be withheld pending the submission of late report(s).

Grantee reports will be completed and submitted in various ways depending upon the types of funding you receive. Instructions on how to complete each report can be found here.

If the due date of any report falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the report is due the next business day.

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