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Agency Policies and Procedures

The subrecipient must have written policies and procedures that address:

  1. Guidelines for service delivery
  2. Client confidentiality & security of confidential information
  3. Informed consent & release of client information
  4. Breach of personally identifying information
  5. Volunteer policies/manual & volunteer tracking form
  6. Grievance policy and procedure (including alleged civil rights violations)
  7. Nondiscrimination policy
  8. Drug-free workplace
  9. Non-Violence in the workplace
  10. Policy banning employees, contractors/subcontractors and volunteers from texting while driving
  11. Records retention
  12. Nepotism
  13. Conflict of Interest
  14. Lobbying activities (restriction of)
  15. Tracking, retention and depreciation of inventory, equipment and property
  16. Accounting policies (including those for the receipt and disbursement of funds, purchasing and payment of expenditures) that require appropriate segregation of duties
  17. Purchasing
  18. Travel (by staff and volunteers to provide client services and/or to attend trainings, conferences or meetings; in and out of state)
  19. Client Assistance
  20. Gift Card
  21. Language access plan
  22. Sexual harassment
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