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Emergency Site Monitoring

CVAD may elect to conduct an emergency site monitoring visit when there is an allegation or indication any of the following may be occurring: 
•    Financial waste, fraud or abuse
•    Client/staff mistreatment to include sexual harassment
•    Violations of staff/client civil rights
•    Discriminatory practices
•    Unsafe conditions in a program/shelter
•    Violation of state or federal certified assurances
•    Other reasons at the discretion of CVAD

Depending on the allegation, CVAD may or may not provide notice to the grantee prior to coming on site for emergency monitoring. If directed, program staff and or program board members may be required to attend the emergency monitoring visit. CVAD may interview staff, clients and/or board members individually or in groups. CVAD will present the nature of the allegation either during, or upon conclusion of the emergency site visit. CVAD will follow up with a summary report including any corrective action(s) to be taken by the grantee. This report will be provided to the board chair and executive director of the agency.

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