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Budget Amendments or Revisions

A budget amendment is necessary anytime the total federal or state funding source or amount of a grant or contract changes or if movement of funds between budget line items is greater than 10% of the total budget. The subrecipient must secure prior approval from CVAD for all contract budget amendments. The program’s request must be accompanied by an amended detail, summary budget pages and any related documentation supporting the change. 

Budget revisions are requested by outlining how much a grantee is asking to move, from what expense type (payroll, benefits, travel, communications, etc.) to what expense type, why the funds are available to move and how it will impact the goals or objectives outlined in the grant application (grant scope revision). A budget revision request should be submitted in the correspondence section of or emailed to your primary CVAD contact. 

Amendments to the budget are not automatic and are not guaranteed. Budget amendments will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Refer to Chapter 19. Grant Scope and/or Budget Modifications for additional information.

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