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Subrecipient Monitoring

The VSS Program is guided by two primary purposes:

  1. Effective stewardship of state and federal funds for programs that provide service to victims and
  2. Provision of quality technical assistance for crime victim program development, fiscal management, and best practices.

CVAD’s monitoring plan is in compliance with the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC) requirements that State Administrative Agencies (SAA) develop and implement monitoring plans based on a default of regular desk monitoring, biennial on-site monitoring, audit monitoring and performance report monitoring, of all subawards. Monitoring plans must include a risk assessment plan. The rule, consistent with 2 CFR §200.331 (b), (d) and (e), permits SAAs to develop and implement alternative monitoring plans and further clarifies that SAAs may also implement alternative monitoring timeframes as well.

CVAD staff created and implemented the CVAD risk assessment tool to assess both financial and programmatic risk for CVAD subrecipients. The results from the risk assessments dictates appropriate financial and programmatic monitoring for each agency and/or funded project.

Additional information regarding subrecipient monitoring, frequency of monitoring and the risk assessment tool that is used to assess both financial and programmatic risk for CVAD subrecipients, may be found in Chapter XXI. Subrecipient Monitoring.

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