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Program Contacts

Each funded program/project is assigned a designated VSS staff person to be the primary contact on their VSS-contract(s). The primary VSS staff person is the individual who will routinely review the Program’s funding application, budget, budget revision requests, project scope change requests, claims for reimbursement and performance reports.

The primary VSS staff person will also conduct site monitoring visits and provide technical assistance to the program. On occasion, other VSS staff may also review this information and provide assistance. If the primary VSS contact is out of the office and immediate assistance is needed, please contact any of the VSS staff.

  • Email Contacts

The VSS program utilizes a database to send emails regarding information about contracts, claims, reports, upcoming training, etc. Each agency lists up to three contacts in the online application for funding. Please update this information annually by contacting your primary VSS contact

  • Program Staff Updates

A program is required to provide notice to the VSS program within 30 days of a vacancy of a VSS funded position, and/or when there is turnover in a position where payroll or benefits are used as match on VSS funds.

Programs should also report any other change in key personnel. The agency must also notify the primary VSS staff by submitting the completed Staff Update form via email or through a message in If any VSS funded positions remain vacant for 45 days or more, the notification must include the reason for vacancy and a plan for filling the position.

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