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Program and Fiscal Responsibilities

The expectation for accepting an award from CVAD is the funded program will have in place a system that is adequate for carrying out the administrative/financial and program aspects of the grant award. This includes good communication between the board of directors (if applicable), administrative/financial staff and the program staff. Management should pay particular attention to the budget and expenditure process of the grant award. Fiscal and Program staff are responsible for ensuring that the project is implemented successfully. Therefore, it is important that all staff (s) involved with grants are familiar with both the fiscal and programmatic requirements.

The funded program must establish and maintain program records to ensure that the direct and subcontracted project activities are in compliance with the approved Contract. Such records must be readily available for review.

  1. The funded program must establish and maintain fiscal controls and procedures that assure federal and/or state funds available for the grant program are properly disbursed.
  2. Funds awarded may be expended only for activities and purposes set forth in the approved Contract within the approved grant period. (The "grant period" is that period of time listed in the grant contract.)
  3. Grant funds must be obligated and expended prior to the termination date of the contract period. Obligated funds are those funds for which goods or services have been encumbered, such as a valid purchase order or requisition to cover the cost of purchasing an authorized item on or after the begin date. These items or services must have been received and there must be an obligation to pay by the end date of the contract period.
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