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Crime Victim Assistance Division Contracts

Contract period

Contract extensions

Reversionary funds

Signing contracts

Termination of contracts

Orientation workshops

Contract Period

Program’s contracts will be issued annually for every year of the three-year grant award period.

The majority of contracts are issued for a 12-month period beginning October 1st and ending September 30th of the following year. The contract will include the amount of funds awarded for that year. During any multi-year award cycle, a contract is issued annually.  

Each funded program must continue to remain in compliance with state and federal rules and in good standing with the Victim Services Support Program (VSS) requirements and procedures to receive funding in the second and third years of the cycle. The amount available to designated programs in the second and third year of the cycle will be based on the State and Federal funds available.

Contract Extensions

Programs will not be allowed to carry over or extend prior awards into the next fiscal year unless approved by the VSS Administrator or the CVAD Director and allowed by the funding requirements. Extensions are determined on a case by case basis with good cause as determined by the VSS Administrator and/or CVAD Director.

Reversionary Funds

Any unspent funds in a contract at the end of the contract period 30 will revert to the VSS Program unless otherwise approved by the VSS Administrator or the CVAD Director and allowed by the funding requirements, rules, or law. Reversionary funds are awarded out in future funding cycles.

Signing Contracts

Signed Contracts are due on or before the date outlined by CVAD. VSS cannot process Program claims for reimbursement until the Program has submitted their signed contract and it has been approved by the VSS Administrator and/or CVAD Director. A signature by the VSS Administrator, Finance Director or CVAD Director constitutes approval.

The Program’s designated representative must sign the “Authorized Representative Signature” line. This is the individual designated by your agency to sign contracts. Examples of authorized representatives include but are not limited to:  Executive Director, Program Board President, Program Board Chair, County Supervisor, Sheriff, Police Chief, County Attorney, etc. Certified assurances must also be signed by the Designated Project Director.

Once the contract has been signed, please return the original contract(s) to your primary VSS staff contact at the following address:

Crime Victim Assistance Division

Lucas Staff Office Building, Ground Floor

321 E. 12th Street

Des Moines, Iowa 50319

 A final copy of the executed contract will be sent to the agency and stored in

Termination of a Contract

[Administrative Rule 61-9.62(13)(1-3)]

Contracts may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Termination by funded program (grantee). The funded program may terminate the contract at any time during the contract period by providing notice to the division.
  • Termination by department. The department (CVAD) may terminate a contract with a ten-day notice when the funded program or any of its subcontractors fail to comply with the funding award stipulations, standards or conditions. The department may terminate, or reduce a contract when there is a reduction of funds by executive order or otherwise.
  • Termination for cause. If the funded program fails to fulfill its obligations under the contract agreement properly or on time, or otherwise violates any provision of the agreement, the board may terminate the agreement by written notice to the funded program. The notice shall specify the acts or omissions relied on as cause for termination. All finished or unfinished products and services provided by the funded program shall, at the option of the department, become state property. The department shall pay the funded program fair and equitable compensation for satisfactory performance prior to receipt of notice of termination, minus any funds owing to the department, e.g., damages for breach, improperly spent funds.

The newly terminated program within 45 days of the termination, shall supply the department with a financial statement detailing all costs incurred up to the effective date of the termination. [Administrative Rule 61—9.63(13)]

The funded program shall indemnify, and hold harmless the State of Iowa, its officers, agents and employees and any of the state’s federal funding sources for:

  1. Program’s performance or non-performance of a contract entered into, or violation of these rules.
  2. Program’s activities with subcontractors and all other third parties, or any other act or omission by a Program, its agents, officers, and employees. [Administrative Rule 61—9.64(13)]

Grant Orientation Workshops

The VSS staff will determine if and when an orientation workshop is to be held for funded programs. A Grant Orientation Workshop is an opportunity for VSS staff to provide an overview of certified assurances, contract stipulations, fiscal forms and performance reports. The Orientation Workshop may be held in person or through a webinar service. The VSS staff provides technical assistance on the various forms, reports and procedures throughout the contract period.

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