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Prior Approval

Certain budget items require prior, written approval from your CVAD grant manager before adjusting the budget line-item amount(s). Your grant manager will review the requested changes and notify the subrecipient once a determination has been made. The following budget items must be pre-approved prior to being implemented by the subrecipient:

  • Salary adjustments – (including grant funded staff percentages and salary changes) Significant changes to Salaries or Benefits; bonuses are never allowed. 
  • Overtime
  • Staffing Changes – if a position is added or deleted from the budget
  • Capital Purchases
  • Sensitive Minor Equipment: See Chapter XII. Property and Equipment of the CVAD Administrative Grant Manual for further details.
  • Furniture
  • Clothing and/or Uniforms (Exception: Emergency clothing for victims/clients does not require prior approval.)
  • Meeting room/audio visual services
  • Indirect Cost – Funds may not be moved into or out of Indirect Cost without prior approval. The request must be accompanied by a copy of the organization's  approved indirect cost rate or approved Cost Allocation Plan which includes an indirect rate. Typically, the indirect cost rate approved through the grant application process is the rate that will be honored throughout the project period (typically three years). CVAD has the discretion to decline to honor an increased rate if CVAD determines the new rate significantly diminishes the ability of the program to carry out the project service goals and objectives. An increased rate will not result in an increased CVAD award amount.

NOTE:  THIS LIST IS NOT ALL-INCLUSIVE. For further clarification, grantees should check the specific CVAD fund source for additional allowable and unallowable costs.

Additional information regarding unallowable costs can also be found in the Department of Justice’s Financial Guide in the DOJ Grants Financial Guide – Unallowable Cost.

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