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Other Unallowable Expenses

  • Legal fees
  • Cost of applying for grants
  • Costs incurred prior to the grant award start date or after the grant end date
  • Travel upgrades such as first class, additional leg room, or other unreasonable accommodations
  • Management and administrative training
  • Sole source contracts (without the prior written approval from the CVAD)
  • Depreciation or a use allowance on idle or excess facilities
  • Severance packages (compensation an employer provides to an employee who has been laid off, whose job has been eliminated, who through mutual agreement has decided to leave the company, or who has parted ways with the company for other reasons)
  • Interest
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Membership fees to an organization whose primary activity is lobbying
  • Bonuses (including, but not limited to employees, board members, volunteers)
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