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Conferences, Meetings and Training Activities

Cost thresholds and limitations are in place for the following items:

  • Meeting room/audio visual services must be pre-approved.

  • Logistical Planners are RARELY ALLOWABLE.

  • Programmatic Planners are RARELY ALLOWABLE.

All contracts for events that include lodging for 30 or more participants must not exceed the State of Iowa rate for lodging In the event the lodging rate is more than the State per diem rate, none of the lodging costs associated with the event are allowable costs to the award. Exceptions can be made but require prior approval by the VSS Administrator. Without prior approval, the recipient would be required to pay for all lodging costs for the event, not just the amount in excess of the State per diem. For example, if the State per diem for lodging is $65 per night, and the event lodging rate is $100 per night, the recipient must pay the full $100 per night with non-Victim Assistance funds, not just the difference of $35 per night.

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