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Oversight of a Professional Services Contract (Subcontract)

Programmatic Monitoring 
Fiscal Monitoring

Your agency must have a process for approving, revising, and monitoring external funds (subawards and contracts). Monitoring policies should clearly address both program and fiscal monitoring of professional services subcontracts. 

The Subcontract Monitoring Form  should be used to record appropriate test work and conclusions and retained as evidence of monitoring a grant-funded subaward. Subaward monitoring must be conducted by the agency within 6 months of the subcontract start date and then again periodically for multi-year Project-Based Professional Service Subcontracts. The completed form should be retained in the grant file and available for inspection.

State agencies should follow and use state and internal monitoring policies and forms.

Programmatic Monitoring

Determines if service delivery is consistent with subaward provisions. Programmatic monitoring may include any or all of the following:

  • Verify the work being sub-awarded is satisfactorily being completed by reviewing reports and other materials, as well as maintaining contact with the sub-awardee;

  • Interviewing direct services staff and others to determine if the services are being performed according to the contract, and/or

  • Conducting on-site reviews to check the nature and quality of the services being provided.

Fiscal Monitoring

Examines the subrecipient’s financial records and procedures as they pertain to the sub-award. Fiscal monitoring may include any or all of the following:

  • Reviewing invoices submitted to the subrecipient agency;

  • Comparing the sub-award budget to the actual costs;

  • Obtaining reasonable documentation that services billed were actually delivered according to the sub-award; and/or comparing invoices with supporting documentation to determine costs were allowable.

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