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Conflict of Interest

Personnel and other officials connected with agency-funded programs shall adhere to the following requirements:

Subrecipients—Appearance:  In the use of agency project funds, officials or employees of State or local units of government and non-governmental subrecipients shall avoid any action that might result in, or create the appearance of:

  • Using an official position for private gain;
  • Giving preferential treatment to any person;
  • Losing complete independence or impartiality;
  • Making an official decision outside official channels; 
  • Affecting adversely the confidence of the public in the integrity of the government or the program.

For example, where a recipient of federal funds makes sub-awards under any competitive process and an actual conflict or an appearance of a conflict of interest exists, the person for whom the actual or apparent conflict of interest exists should recuse him- or herself not only from reviewing the application for which the conflict exists, but also from the evaluation of all competing applications.

Conflict of Interest- Grant Application Reviewer

It is the responsibility of the application reviewer to notify Victim Assistance if there is a possible conflict of interest in reviewing a specific funding application he/she has been assigned to review, score and make a funding recommendation.

A conflict of interest exists when the application reviewer, his/her immediate family, partners or organizations have a direct financial interest in a funding application assigned to the reviewer. Furthermore, a conflict exits when the vote of any member is influenced or may appear to the public to be influenced, by some consideration apart from the merits of the issue being voted upon.

Prior to someone becoming a grant application reviewer, they will be required to complete and submit a conflict of reviewer form. 

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