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On-site Monitoring

The elements included in an on-site monitoring visit are outlined below:

•    Subrecipients submit a completed pre-site monitoring tool to CVAD prior to the on-site monitoring visit. The CVAD staff review the document for compliance and discuss any concerns or additional items for review at the on-site monitoring visit.

•    CVAD staff review the subrecipient’s files and policies related to the programming and funds, interview key staff members, conduct discussion of the program’s organizational structure, policies, programming, collaborations, challenges and successes; review performance reports, progress measures and timelines, review fiscal documentation and check compliance with federal and state assurances and standards. The CVAD staff discuss best practices with the funded program in an effort to improve services to crime victims.

•    CVAD staff prepare an on-site monitoring report based on the on-site monitoring visit. The monitoring report includes recommendations and requirements with either a required timeline for a response and compliance and/or a directive for the program to develop a timeline for response and compliance. The monitoring report is forwarded to key personnel such as the Executive Director and Board Chair of the program.

**Note: The agency’s risk level dictates the type and frequency of financial and programmatic monitoring for each agency and/or funded project. Additional information on the risk assessment tool used to assess both financial and programmatic risk for CVAD subrecipients, may be found in the Risk Assessment section of this chapter.

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