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New Programs and Non VOCA Projects

When new programs are funded, they will be monitored as follows: 

  1. 100% financial documentation for the first year for new programs that are also newly funded agency. If the new program is with a currently funded CVAD agency, and a current risk assessment is on file, CVAD will follow the financial risk assessment of the agency.
  2. A minimum of one in-person technical assistance visit, within the first year.
  3. A minimum of one on-site monitoring visit within the first two years.
  4. CVAD staff will conduct both a financial and a programmatic risk assessment after year one of the contract that will be effective the remainder of the grant cycle. 

Regardless of the assigned risk designation, either financial or programmatic, CVAD will use their professional judgment on a case-by-case basis to determine if additional supporting documentation, on-site monitoring and technical assistance is needed. This may include requesting additional documentation for a particular expense or claim.  

Non VOCA Projects
Projects that are not VOCA funded and are not required to have a risk assessment completed as determined by federal and state funding guidelines, will have an on-site monitoring visit conducted every three years. 

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