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Victim Services Support Program

CVAD Competitive Grant Application Information 


Questions Regarding the Criminal Justice Competitive Application

Click here to see the recorded Criminal Justice Application webinar that CVAD staff held on 11/3/22.


Click here to view the Criminal Justice Application presentation slides only (no video).  


Grant cycle October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2026

Criminal Justice Press Release - Here is the press release for the upcoming criminal justice competitive applications for victim witness coordinators, VAWA prosecutors, law enforcement, court and coordinated community response teams. 

Victim Services Press Release - Here is the press release for the upcoming victim services competitive applications. This competition is for comprehensive SA, DA, shelter, SOHOVC, Culturally Specific Programs, and VOCA projects.

Organizations not already registered in CVAD's grant management system, Iowa Grants for Victim Services, must register prior to submitting a grant application.  More information about Iowa GVS is below.  

Iowa GVS Grantee Manual - provides new and existing users information on navigating Iowa GVS.

Criminal Justice Competitive Applications

  • November 1, 2022, funding opportunities available  download the RFP
  • November 3, 2022, applicant webinar from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. - The link is posted above.
  • December 19, 2022, application submission deadline 

For the criminal justice grant applications, CVAD seeks grant proposals from law enforcement agencies, courts, victim witness coordinators, community coordinated teams, prosecutors and victim services organizations for projects designed to respond to and support victims of violence, investigate or prosecute violent crimes, collect evidence, or provide training to those who perform these duties.

Victim Services Competitive Applications

  • January 2, 2023, funding opportunities available ( check back here to download the RFP) 
  • January 5, 2023, applicant webinar (check back here for a link to the webinar)
  • February 15, 2023, application submission deadline 

For the victim services grant applications, CVAD seeks grant proposals from victim service agencies, nonprofit agencies and governmental agencies for projects or programs designed to strengthen effective and holistic responses to victimization in Iowa. CVAD seeks grant applications for culturally specific victim services, comprehensive domestic abuse services, comprehensive sexual abuse services, sheltering services, services for survivors of homicide & other violent crimes, the statewide victim services hotline/chatline, coalition/certification training and technical assistance and for VOCA projects.

Grant Reviewers Needed

CVAD seeks grant reviewers from diverse backgrounds, professions, geographic locations around Iowa (rural and urban), race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability and more to ensure a fair and equitable grant review process. Reviewers should have a good understanding of victim services; other relevant expertise in the purpose areas for which we issue grants; and/or from the specific type of community being served by grant proposals.

For more information or to apply to be a reviewer

Prepare to be a CVAD Grant Recipient

If your organization is interested in applying for CVAD funding, consider reviewing the CVAD grant manual. You'll learn about the requirements to successfully obtain and manage federal funding. These requirements include policies and procedures specific to administering federal victim services grants, programmatic and financial reporting, financial match, confidentiality, civil rights and much more.  

Iowa Grants for Victim Services, General Grant Funding, Application and Review Process

The Crime Victim Assistance Division of the Iowa Attorney's Office generally awards their victim services grant funds for three-year grant cycles.  Organizations not already registered in CVAD's grant management system, Iowa Grants for Victim Services, must register prior to submitting a grant application.  

Organizations must register in Iowa GVS by going to the New User? Register Here! link under the Login panel on the right side of the screen. The initial registration for your organization must be completed by your authorized official, and after that the Authorized Official will be able to add additional user for your organization in Iowa GVS. 

You will be required to provide: 

• Personal information - provide your work address, phone, email, etc. 
• Organizational information 
• Details about your organization 
• Financial information

Each person who should have access to your CVAD grants must have an account in Iowa GVS as well. 

Criminal Justice Grants

Criminal justice grants are awarded to non profit organizations, law enforcement agencies, courts, victim witness coordinators and prosecutors. The majority of funding for criminal justice grants is STOP and VOCA; the projects funded include violence against women prosecutors, victim witness coordinators, DART and SART teams, violence against women law enforcement efforts and community coordinated response teams. 

Victim Services Grants

Victim services grants are awarded to non profit organizations, governmental agencies and institutes of higher education. Victims services grants fund projects and programs designed to assist crime victims with healing after victimization.  These grants are for comprehensive victim services agencies, culturally specific agencies and organizations who serve victims in specific capacity.  

Grant Review

The submitted proposals are reviewed and evaluated by a volunteer grant review committee. The committee is made up of persons with expertise in victim services, grant management, and public policy.

The review committee and CVAD staff submit their recommendations for funding to the Crime Victim Assistance Board. The Board determines final grant awards to the extent funds are available and to the extent the applicants meet eligibility criteria.

Click here for more information on grant eligibility, required grant certificates, and required grant reports.

Click here for administrative rules governing the VSS Program.

The VSS Program administers grant funds that provide partial funding to local and statewide crime victim service programs in Iowa.


Questions Regarding the Criminal Justice Competitive Application

Question #6: When filling out the budget section for the proposal should this be the proposed budget per year or for the full 3-year grant cycle? For example, if I am budgeting $5,000 for communications for the year would I input the total per year of $5,000 or should it be $15,000, the total across 3-year cycle? Answer: Please only provide a budget for the first year of the grant based on year 1 of the grant or 12 months.

Question #5: How do we update the name on the Minority Impact Statement page and Certifications page on who is certifying the document/application? Answer: The individual authorized in your agency to sign/certify a contract is the individual that needs to be logged into GVS under their login id.  Have the individual who can sign/certify the contract login to GVS under their login id, review and check the certifications, click save button on each page, then their name should appear on the certification line with the date.  

Question #4: Can we roll over some of our long-term goals if they were not completed or do we have to set all new goals for the application? Answer: Yes, you can roll over long-term goals that were previously submitted to CVAD. Reminder goals are measurable, clear, and succinct. Goal narratives need to include a description of the problem/s to be addressed, the steps or a plan to meet the goal, an estimated timeline to complete the goal, and a description of how the goal will be measured/how success will be determined.

Question #3:  When we fill out Budget Details page in our grant application, do we include the budget for our entire organization, or the budget for those positions for which we are requesting funding?  Answer: Only include the staff for which you are requesting funding.

Question #2: When will the recording from the Criminal Justice Webinar on the competitive criminal justice application for FY24-26 be posted to the website?  Answer :The recording and PowerPoint slides are posted on the AG’s website:  Victim Services Support Program | Iowa Attorney General.

Question #1: I am a currently funded Victim Witness Coordinator funded through CVAD and am new to the position. I have completed the grant in GVS for grant year 4, continuing noncompetitive application. Do I complete the competitive Criminal Justice - Victim Witness Coordinators - 2024 grant that is due December 19th as well?  Answer: The non-competitive 4th year grant will end on 9/30/23. If you would like to potentially receive funding for the next grant cycle, 10/1/23-9/30/26, you need to apply under the competitive Criminal Justice - Victim Witness Coordinators - 2024 that is due in GVS on or before 4:30 pm on December 19th. Otherwise, your grant funding ends with CVAD on 9/30/23.  


Contact Information

Office of the Attorney General of  Iowa
Crime Victim Assistance Division
Lucas State Office Building
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319

Phone: 515-281-5044
Toll-Free: 800-373-5044
FAX: 515-281-8199

For more information contact Victim Services Support Program Administrator Lori Miller.

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