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Sexual Assault Exam (SAE) Program

The State of Iowa pays for the sexual assault examination regardless of whether the victim reports the crime to law enforcement.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that prosecutors and law enforcement officers will have evidence efficiently and effectively collected if the victim later reports that crime.

Neither a victim, nor the victim's insurance company, should be billed.  Hospitals, physicians, and other medical providers who collect and process evidence of sexual abuse submit bills directly to the Sexual Abuse Examination Payment Program.  If a victim is erroneously billed and pays for the cost of the evidence collection, the program will reimburse that victim.

Funds for the Sexual Abuse Examination Payment Program come from the Compensation Fund. That fund is comprised entirely of fines and penalties paid by convicted criminals.

Sexual Assault Exam Program Brochure

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Protocols and Sample Policies

Statewide SANE Protocols

Sample Policies and Fillable Documents

If you are currently a SANE, please register yourself with our office by clicking  here.

If you’d like more information on becoming SANE trained, please provide your contact information here

Track Kit

Per Iowa Code 709.10 medical professionals that collect a sexual assault exam kit must update the status of the kit in the Track Kit system within 48 hours of completion of the collection.  As you go through the set up of the kit, it is important that the victim retains the right to provide answers to any of the questions on the kit. Victims can remain anonymous if they wish. Compliance with the Track Kit system is required for a facility that is submitting invoices  to CVAD.

Free Training for Medical Providers- available until June 2025

The Crime Victim’s Assistance Division of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office is now offering a free, online 3-hour training aimed towards Iowa medical providers of all levels.  The sexual assault training covers the topics of Sexual Assault and Trauma, Sexual Assault Response Teams, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, Sexual Assault Exam and Evidence Collection, Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Tracking System, Laws, Crime Victim’s Assistance Division Programs including the Sexual Abuse Examination Payment Program, and Hospital Policies and Procedures.  Medical providers who take the course can be awarded three hours of continuing education hours at no cost to them.  The course is also available for non-medical providers. 

The 4-module course will be available for three years and it listed on the University of Iowa’s Continuing Medical Education website.  Follow the link to register:

Free Educational Videos 

Caring for the Sexually Assaulted Patient When There is No SANE in Sight: A Training for ALL Healthcare Providers (2 hour free training)- No SANE In Sight – IAFN (

Why Your Hospital Needs SANE Nurses- SANE 365 – IAFN (

Multidisciplinary Approach-

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