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Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Tracking and Reporting System

For Victims

If you have a kit collected, you have the ability to track the status of your kit as it moves through the system.  You will receive a survivor card with login information where you will be able to  log in.  In an effort to be transparent, you may choose to set up notifications so that you can stay current on the status of your kit.  For assistance and further information you can email Gretchen Brown-Waech at

For Medical Providers

Per Iowa Code 709.10, medical professionals that collect a sexual assault exam kit must update the status of the kit within the Track Kit system within 48 hours of completion of the collection.  It is important that the questions are answered per the survivor’s choices.  Prior to being able to process invoices for services through the Victim Assistance Section, the Track Kit system must be updated.

To access the Track Kit website, click here.

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