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Iowa Sex Offender Registrant Watch

What is Registrant Watch?

The Iowa Sex Offender Registrant Watch provides 24 hour access to sex offender registrant information online.  It also allows the ability to verify a registered sex offender's location and other characteristics including a photo.  Registrant Watch provides crime victims and other interested parties the ability to be automatically notified by phone or email about changes in the location or identification information of a registered sex offender.  

How Does Registrant Watch Work?

Registrant Watch works by transmitting near real-time information from the Iowa Sex Offender Registry database system to the Registrant Watch Service.  Crime victims and other interested parties can access the information visiting the Iowa Sex Offender Registry website any time day or night or calling 1-515-725-6050.  Victims can inquire where a registrant is located, as well as information on other identifying characteristics, and register to receive automated notifications via phone, text or email when this information is updated.  Victim can also set up a "watch" using their address (or any other important address) and a specified distance around that address.  Notifications are triggered each time a registered sex offender moves into or out of that area, or moves to a new location within that area.  When a notification is triggered, Registrant Watch automatically calls the number a victim has provided, or sends the victim an email or text message with the updated information.  Persons receiving notifications via the telephone will receive these calls twice.  

Registrant Watch Facts

If you feel you are in danger, call 911 immediately.

Since Registrant Watch calls automatically when an offender's information is updated, or an offender moves into your neighborhood, you may get a call from the service in the middle of the night.  

If there is no answer, or the call goes to an answering machine, the system will call back once for a total of two calls.  A short message will be left on your answering machine or voice mail.  

Do not register a phone number that rings to a switchboard.  

This is a confidential service.  The offender will not know you are registered with Registrant Watch

If you have questions about this service call 1-515-725-6050 at the Division of Criminal Investigations.

To register for Iowa sex offender information notifications, click here.


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