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Fiscal Forms for Funded Programs

Starting October 1, 2019 all funded programs follow the Federal FY: October 1 - September 30

Fiscal forms for funded programs are required forms in order to be in compliance with Federal and State funding guidelines.  All claims must be submitted in

You may download these forms and reports by following the instructions under each type of form.

Fiscal Claim Vouchers & Spreadsheets:

To download the instructions on how to submit claims in please click on Instructions for

All victim service agencies and new initiative funded programs must submit monthly claims for reimbursement.  Criminal justice agencies can submit either on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Attach documentation for each expenditure claimed for reimbursement or as match in  Claims must be submitted by the last day of the month following the expenditure.  

All victim service and new initiative programs submitting claims must submit expense summaries for each expense type claiming for reimbursement or utilizing for match.  All criminal justice programs (law enforcement, prosecution and victim witness coordinators) are not required to utilize expense summaries unless otherwise directed by Victim Services Support Program (VSS) staff.  Click on New Initiative Expense Summaries to download the expense summary form.  Click on Instructions for New Initiative Expense summaries and supporting documentation.

Click on Victim Services Expense Summaries to download the expense summaries for victim service programs (Domestic Abuse Comprehensive, Sexual Abuse Comprehensive, Shelter-Based Victim Services, Statewide Coalitions, Statewide DA/SA Hotline/Chat Line and Homicide/Other Violent Crime Programs). Click on Instructions for Victim Service Expense summaries and supporting documentation.

Click on Claim for Reimbursement Deadlines to view or print off a copy of the claim period and due date.  

Budget Revision Request Form:

Budget revisions are requested by outlining how much you are asking to move, from what expense type (Payroll, Benefits, Travel, Communications, etc.) to what expense type, why the funds are available to move and how will this impact the goals/objectives outlined in your application.  Please do a budget revision request in the Correspondence section of IowaGrants.Gov.

Travel Forms:

Programs must utilize the following forms:

•    Reminder:  You must utilize the state rate for mileage and meals which can be found at this link 

•    The Out-of-State Travel and In-State Training Form is the form staff can complete for reimbursement for mileage, meals, lodging and other allowable expenses.  You must have approval in your budget in order to attend an out-of-state or in-state conference.  If in doubt, please contact your primary VSS staff contact to clarify before incurring costs associated with travel. 
•    The Staff Mileage Payment Form is a form staff can complete for mileage reimbursement only.  We recognize the majority of the staff will not have reimbursement for meals, lodging or other items (airfare, cab/bus/shuttle, registration, etc.) on, a daily or monthly basis but potentially will be reimbursed for mileage on a daily basis.  The Staff Mileage Payment Form allows staff to have more room to track mileage only.
•    The Vehicle Mileage Form is a form an agency can complete in order to receive reimbursement for mileage on an agency owned or leased vehicle for VSS funded activities.
•    The Meal Reimbursement Form is a form for you to place your actual meal receipts before scanning in order to have it correspond with your travel forms. 

Coming soon updated Victim Services Support Program Policy Manual for all information and forms.

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