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CVAD Staff Directory

Listed below are the staff within the CVAD.  If you would like to speak with a staff person, please call 1-800-373-5044 toll free or local in Des Moines at 515-281-5044. 

CVAD accepts interns during the school year and summer.  For more information,  email

Name Position
Sandi Tibbetts Murphy Director, Crime Victim Assistance Division
Vacant Crime Victim Compensation and SAE Administrator
Lori Miller Victim Service Grant Administrator
Joe Campos Training, Outreach, Advocacy Administrator
Kristi Hill, CPA Finance Director
Michael McDonald Sexual Assault Crimes Coordinator
Sara Hulen Sexual Assault Forensic Response Coordinator
Gretchen Brown-Waech Victim Rights & Human Trafficking Coordinator
Adriana Slaughter Victim Rights Coordinator
Boumedien Kasha Statewide Restitution Coordinator
Kim Kluxdal Compensation Specialist
Monica VandenBranden Compensation Specialist
Lizzie Martin Compensation Specialist
Lisa Bickelhaupt Compensation Specialist
Stacey Anderson Compensation Specialist
Aaron Koch Compensation Specialist
Kirstin Isenhart Compensation Specialist
Brenda Hernandez Compensation Specialist
Elise Weber-Nelson Compensation Specialist
Natalie Lampley Division Advocate
Souksamone Lovan Accountant 2
Mary Moritz Accountant 2
Donna Phillips Grant Manager
Regina Watts Grant Manager
Sue Olson Grant Manager
Rebecca Garcia Grant Manager
Natalie Scarpino Grant Manager 
Alejandra Piña Division Secretary
Arica Wright Division Secretary
Cindy Jacobe Division Secretary
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