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Emergency Relocation and Housing Benefits - NEW for 2016

All applications coming into the Crime Victim Compensation program after 1-1-2016 for Primary Victims will be eligible for NEW benefits that include Emergency Relocation and Housing.  Secondary victims and Homicide Survivors will be eligible for Emergency Relocation benefits.  To complete an online application, click here.

These two benefits are the only ones that can be reimbursed to victim service programs that may have paid for the benefits on behalf of the victim.  Please see the FACT SHEET information below that pertains to reimbursement for victim service programs.

Housing and Relocation Benefits Fact Sheet

  • Eligible applications are those received at CVAD on or after January 1, 2016.
  • For the purposes of receiving reimbursement for housing or relocation expenses paid on behalf of a client, a victim services program is any program or organization receiving funds administered by the CVAD Victim Services Support (VSS) program, or any program or organization doing victim-centered work as part of its routine operations.
  • Before reimbursement can be paid to a program, the client for whom the expense(s) was incurred must file an application with the Crime Victim Compensation (CVC) and be determined eligible under CVC guidelines.
  • A victim can access these benefits if he or she has a reasonable health or safety concern necessitating a relocation or change in housing situation.
  • If a victim services program pays relocation or housing expenses on behalf of a client and receives reimbursement from the Crime Victim Compensation Program (CVCP), the program must not submit a claim for reimbursement to the CVAD Victim Services Support program for the same expenses.
  • A program can be reimbursed for rent/utility assistance deposit or down payment paid on behalf of a client.
  • A program can be reimbursed for hotel/motel stays paid on behalf of a client.
  • There is a once per lifetime restriction on these benefits. This restriction applies ONLY to Housing and Relocation benefits and NOT to any other CVC benefits.

As always if the expense was paid for by the victim, with supporting documentation, we can reimburse the eligible victim. For any further questions, don't hesitate to contact Compensation Administrator Robert Hamill at this email.

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