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File a Consumer Complaint

  How to Complain Effectively

  If you are considering filing a consumer complaint, we suggest you first review our       consumer complaint guide, called "How to Complain Effectively."  Make an attempt to       first settle your complaint directly.

  Online and Printable Consumer Complaints

 You can submit an online consumer complaint, which allows you to attach and   submit any supporting documents, such as contracts, advertisements, correspondence, proof of payment, etc.  You can also download a printable complaint form and mail it to the Consumer Protection Division.

Bank/Credit Card/Mortgage Complaints

For bank, credit card and mortgage-related complaints, submit an online or printable complaint form. More information about mortgage complaints is available here.

Price-Gouging Complaints

During a disaster, the state's price-gouging rule may be triggered, forbidding excessive prices for good or services "needed by victims of disasters."  You can submit an online complaint about price gouging.  You can also download a printable complaint form and mail it to the Consumer Protection Division.  More information about price-gouging complaints is available here.




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