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Online Price-Gouging Complaint Form

Please answer all questions fully and correctly. The state’s price-gouging rule forbids excessive prices for goods or services “needed by victims of disasters.” That includes water, food, medicines, sanitation supplies, utilities, and building materials.

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Note: For uploading more than three attachments in the same submission, please use file compression or "zip" software. For information about using zip software, click here.

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Note: Complaints are "Open Records." 
Under Iowa law, complaint forms or letters are "open records." The public has the right to review or obtain copies of open records. Also, copies of complaints are routinely sent to the person or business the complaint is directed against. Please contact the Consumer Protection Division if you have questions about the open records law.

I understand that the Attorney General's Office is not my private attorney but represents the public in enforcing laws designed to protect consumers from misleading or unlawful business practices. I also understand I may contact a private attorney for legal advice.

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