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December 8, 2014

Iowa Attorney General Warns of Ashford Settlement Scams

Some charging fees for simple information about settlement with online for-profit college Ashford University and parent company, Bridgepoint Education

(DES MOINES, Iowa)  If you are a current or former Ashford University student living outside of Iowa, do you qualify for a payment from the Iowa Attorney General's Ashford settlement?

The answer is no, but at least one website may be charging money to provide that simple answer.

Attorney General Tom Miller warns consumers about companies trying to profit from the settlement announced last year between Iowa and the for-profit online university’s parent company, Bridgepoint Education.  The $7.25 million settlement provides restitution payments for some Iowa students, and requires the company to change certain recruitment and enrollment practices nationwide.

“We know of at least one website that claims it can ‘determine if you might qualify for the student loan forgiveness as a result of the lawsuit,’” Miller said.  “It seems that some people are trying to cash in on simple answers tied to Iowa’s Bridgepoint settlement.”

Miller noted that his office will directly notify affected current and former Iowa students about payments resulting from the settlement.

Miller urged those with questions about Iowa’s settlement to read the news release.  “It should be clear that current and former Ashford students who live outside of Iowa do not qualify for a payment through Iowa’s settlement,” Miller said.  “Current and former Ashford students who live outside of Iowa with questions or complaints should contact their state attorney general.”

Current or former Ashford students with questions about their student loans can seek information through or their student loan servicer.

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