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Organizing a Non-Profit

Forming a non-profit corporation requires a combination of filing requirements with both the state and the federal government.

What is a Non-Profit?

Non-profit corporations must file articles of incorporation with the Iowa Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State website offers guidance on doing so.

All non-profit corporations organized within the State of Iowa must also file a report with the Secretary of State every other year.

In order to be designated as a non-profit for federal tax reasons, has specific rules that must be followed.  For IRS tax information for charities and other non-profits, click here.

If your organization wants to utilize a professional fundraiser, the professional fundraiser must register with the Office of the Attorney General.

The Iowa Non-Profit Resource Center at the University of Iowa has developed a set of principles and practices that outline the best practices for Iowa non-profits.

Additional Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

Iowa Secretary of State for information and instruction on organizing and maintaining a non-profit in Iowa.

Guidestar allows searching of financial records of non-profits.  Some features require free registration.

Nonprofit Management Academy (Iowa State University Extension and Outreach)

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