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Membership Campgrounds

Iowa’s Membership Campground Law (Iowa Code Chapter 557B) affects any campground operator that offers or sells the right to use a campground for more than 30 days during the term of the contract; and for which the purchaser pays a fee or periodic payment.   A membership campground operator that sells in Iowa must fully comply with Iowa Code Chapter 557B even if the campground is not physically located in Iowa. 

Iowa Code Chapter 557 states that every campground operator selling membership campground contracts in Iowa must annually register with the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office and pay an annual registration fee.  Membership campground operators must also deliver specific disclosures and documents to purchasers at the time of sale as well as provide certain rights and protections throughout the contract period.

A membership campground operator’s failure to fully comply with these requirements gives the purchaser the right to cancel the contract and receive a full refund of all money paid; and also exposes the membership campground operator to substantial liabilities and penalties under both Iowa Code Chapter 557B (Membership Campgrounds) and Iowa Code section 714.16 (Consumer Fraud).

The requirements of Iowa Code Chapter 557B do not apply to:

  1. The operator of a manufactured home community or a mobile home park as defined in Iowa Code Chapter 435 or Iowa Code Chapter 562B;
  2. An offer, sale or transfer by any one person of not more than one membership camping contract in a twelve-month period;
  3. ‚ÄčAn offer or sale by a government, government agency, or subdivision of government;
  4. A bona fide pledge of a membership camping contract; or
  5. Any transaction subject to regulation pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 557A (Time shares).
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