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Parenting: It's a Life

The Iowa Attorney General's Office in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Human Services and Iowa State University makes available for Iowa schools modules of teaching materials to help students learn about the responsibilities of parenthood, especially the financial obligations, parents have in supporting their children. Students may see child support as something that has little or no impact on their lives. The goal of the curriculum is to help students to understand that paying child support is a basic responsibility that goes along with being a parent.

"Parenting: It's a Life", is child support curriculum designed for students in grades 7-12. The curriculum is intended to introduce students to the financial realities of being a teen parent, responsible decision making, healthy relationships, peer pressure and the concepts related to paternity and child support.

The teaching materials are a valuable addition to Family and Consumer Sciences, Life Skills, Health and Psychology classes.

Teachers who wish to obtain more information on "Parenting: It's a Life" modules, may contact "Parenting: It's a Life".

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