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Official Notices

  • Exemption from the Definition of “Gift” pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 261F

Statement of the Attorney General of Iowa
January 10, 2012

The Attorney General, pursuant to authority under Iowa Code Chapter 261F.1(5)(n), authorizes Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation to provide to covered institutions information identifying the students who have completed the Student Loan Game Plan tutorial as created and provided by Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation when (i) the covered institution has requested the information, and (ii) the student has agreed to provide the information to the covered institution and has demonstrated this agreement by actively selecting an option to share the information with the covered institution.

  • Contingency Fee Contracts with Private Attorneys

United States Savings Bonds Litigation

Written determination to enter into a contingency fee contract:
Letter to Executive Council
Contingency Fee Contract
Contract Amendment

              Payment of Contingency Fees: On July 8, 2019, the Executive Council approved the payment of a contingency fee of               $52,305.00 and reimbursement of expenses and advances of $1,572.00, to Horn, Aylward and Bandy, LLC, in                                connection with the United States Savings Bonds Litigation.

  • Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws

In 2018, Iowa Code Chapter 27A was enacted.  The title of the bill was "An Act relating to the enforcement of immigration laws and providing penalties and remedies, including the denial of state funds to certain entities."
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  • Enforcement of State, Local, and Municipal Laws

In 2021, Iowa Code Chapter 27B was enacted. The title of the bill was "Restriction on enforcement of state, local, and municipal law prohibited." The statute imposes requirements and restrictions on "local entities." 
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