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Compensation Specialist - Investigator

Date Posted
June 3, 2021
Full Time
Salary Range
41,080 - 80,849

Job Details

The Iowa Attorney General's Office-Crime Victim Assistance Division (CVAD) is looking for a full time Compensation Specialist to review and process program applications, assess law enforcement reports, medical and counseling records, lost wage verification, funeral billings and other program benefits, to determine eligibility and benefit payment levels.


Our mission is to advocate for the rights and the needs of crime victims and ensure that all victims and survivors will be treated with dignity and respect. Founded in 1989, CVAD provides services and assistance to victims of violent crimes.  CVAD administers programs that assist victims with the financial burden resulting from injuries of crime, that assist local crime victim service programs, and that assist the criminal justice system in holding offenders responsible for the effects of their crimes.  CVAD believes all crime victims and survivors should be treated with dignity and respect. Our programs are supported by funds primarily from fines and penalties assessed on state and federal criminals.

The Crime Victim Compensation Program (CVCP) & Sexual Assault Examination (SAE) Payment Program aim to reach all victims and survivors, centering those living on the margins and often left behind, to ensure all have meaningful access to reimbursement for certain crime related, out-of-pocket expenses as is their right under Iowa law. To accomplish this, each member of the Compensation team serves as manager of an individual caseload of victims’ and claimaints’ files who have applied to the program and  make eligibility and payment determinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Compensation Specialists report directly to the Compensation Team Program Administrator and will be responsible for reviewing and processing compensation claims.

The Compensation Specialist will: 

Determine Claim Eligibility: Ensure compensation claim files have documentation necessary to make a decision. 

  • Apply a basic and increasing understanding of state laws, rule, and policy to eligibility decisions. 
  • Open a new claim - requesting information from providers or crime-related treatment or service.
  • Request police report and/or other information to substantiate crime
  • Draft crime summary outlining relevant facts and circumstances and give to quality control 
  • Draft a memo outlining relevant facts and circumstances for complex or questionable issues
  • Make a timely eligibility decision: 40 days minimum requirement;

Payment Processing: Ensure appropriate payments are made or denied. 

  • Take action within 30 days of receiving documentation
  • Determine expense(s) are allowable and crime-related
  • Determine records and information provided are complete; follow up as needed
  • Calculate what the CVCP will pay; showing the work

Client Service: Regularly engage with clients/victims over the phone and via email.

  • Basic and increasing knowledge of criminal justice system, victim services, and trauma-informed practices, and engage in training opportunities to increase knowledge base
  • Gain understanding of resources for clients/victims and provide when needed

Stakeholder Engagement: Regularly engage with the following CVCP stakeholders to advance claims and payment decisions 

  • Victim advocates
  • Providers of crime-related services
  • Law enforcement, prosecutors, victim witness coordinators 

Quality Control: Learn process of reviewing files to ensure the correct action has been taken. 

  • Review claimant/victim and crime information
  • Verify payment calculations 
  • Reconcile matters peer-to-peer and/or escalate decision to supervisor

Special Projects: Assist with special projects as needed. 





To be successful in this job, you will fulfill a crucial role on a team working to ensure timely access to compensation for victims of crime. More specifically, you will have or be most, or all of the following:

  • Follow-through: You stay on top of all your priorities and processing timelines. When deadlines are in jeopardy of being met, you renegotiate well in advance.
  • Compliance-oriented customer service: You are helpful and relationship-oriented with clients and partners. You respond to needs in a timely and professional manner, and ensure your service meets our compliance standards.  
  • Attention to detail: All CVC files are orderly (i.e. all the right pieces are in the right places). 
  • Solutions-oriented: Develop policy-based solutions to challenges, which will inevitably arise, and push to get past roadblocks to achieve results.
  • Sense of urgency: You find a way to drive work forward, even in the face of obstacles. 
  • Flexibility: Are ready to change gears as issues arise; adapt quickly as things change.

Prior experience in victim services, claims processing and customer service are preferred, but not a requirement. This position involves significant paperwork; telephone contact with crime victims, law enforcement and service providers; teamwork and attention to detail. Successful candidates must possess high levels of organization, judgement, prioritization, customer service, written and verbal communication, math computation and data entry. Experience working with diverse backgrounds is necessary.

Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university and/or commensurate professional work experience equal to four years of full-time work is preferred.

Contact Information

Salary range is $41,080 - $80,849

Send resume and cover letter by June 18, 2021 to:

AG Human Resources
 Office of the Attorney General of Iowa
 1305 E. Walnut St.
 Des Moines, IA 50319

Or send via email to

Any questions may be directed to Janelle Melohn at Any resumes or cover letters submitted to this email address will not be considered.

CVAD is committed to the recruitment and full inclusion of qualified individuals. BIPOC, bi/multi-lingual, persons with disabilities and individuals from the Deaf or Hard of Hearing community are encouraged to apply. As part of our commitment, CVAD will ensure reasonable accommodations are provided during the application, interviewing and hiring processes. If you require reasonable accommodations to participate in any of these processes (such as ASL interpretation, language interpretation, etc.) please send your request to or call 515-281-5044. If hired, any reasonable accommodation needed to perform essential functions of the position will be provided. Requests for accommodations will not be taken into account when making hiring decisions.

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