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Special Litigation

The Special Litigation Division provides legal representation to the State of Iowa.  The division's attorneys litigate at all levels of state and federal court, as well as before administrative agencies. The division is charged with investigating all administrative, general and tort claims made to the State Appeal Board.

  • Tort Claims: The division defends tort claims and lawsuits brought against elected state officials, state agencies, and state employees.  In a state tort claim, an individual alleges that they have been harmed by a wrongful act, including negligence, by a state governmental agency or employee.  The litigation claims can include injuries on state property, employment, corrections, medical and dental malpractice, child welfare and custody, vehicle crashes, and allegations of false arrests and unreasonable force, among others.
  • Risk Management: Special Litigation Division attorneys also provide legal and risk management advice to state agencies.
  • Sexually Violent Predators: A small but extremely dangerous group of sexually violent predators exists, which is made up of convicted offenders who generally exhibit antisocial behavior and, according to experts, are likely to engage in sexually violent behavior.  In appropriate circumstances, Special Litigation Division attorneys will initiate civil commitment procedures to address legitimate public safety concerns, while providing treatment services designed to benefit sexually violent predators who are civilly committed.
  • Other Duties: Other duties include representation of the Civil Reparations Trust Fund with regard to awards of punitive damages, and representation of the State Appeal Board concerning local budget appeals.
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