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Iowa Attorney General
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About the Office of Attorney General

The attorney general is the State of Iowa's chief legal officer. The attorney general has general charge, supervision and direction of the state's legal business. The attorney general is elected every four years.

The Office of the Attorney General provides legal advice and representation to most of the state's major departments, boards, commissions, authorities, officials and institutions. The office further represents the State of Iowa in state administrative law and Iowa District Court matters, the Iowa Court of Appeals, the Iowa Supreme Court, lower federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.

The attorney general's legal and support staff provide day-to-day advice to state officials and agencies. State government is a very large and complex enterprise, doing everything from providing human services, to building roads, to protecting citizens from incompetent licensed professionals and protecting the environment. Legal issues often arise in the context of the state’s work. The office guides, mediates, negotiates, drafts legal documents, and performs a wide range of other legal services to assist state agencies in fulfilling the important work of state government.

In addition, the office is an advocate and resource for the State of Iowa and its residents in many areas, including protecting the public through criminal prosecutions, consumer protection efforts, combating fraud and corruption, and protecting civil rights.

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