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2005 Consumer News Releases

December 2005

12-21-05 ConocoPhillips Agrees to Measures Designed to Prevent Tobacco Sales to Minors.
12-9-05 Court Orders Seller of $2,000 Vacuum Cleaners to Clean Up Its Act.
12-9-05 "Teledraft" Electronic Withdrawal Company Ordered Not to Assist Deceptive Telemarketing Schemes.
12-6-05 Miller: Enact "Car-Title Loan" Law.
12-1-05 Auto Receivables Trust Agrees to Better Loan Terms for Dan Nelson Customers.

November 2005

11-18-05 Miller: Beware of Wire Transfers to Scams.
11-7-05 States Allege Illegal Agreement Prevented Generic Version of Oral Contraceptive.
11-4-05 Miller: Don't Buy Flood-Damaged Vehicles.

October 2005

10-4-05 MCI WorldCom to Pay Iowa $2.7 Million in Tax Claims.

September 2005

9-14-05 FSB Financial Agrees to Better Loan Terms for Dan Nelson Customers.

August 2005

8-30-05 Miller Sues Door-To-Door Salesman: Suit alleges Clive company uses deceptive tactics to gain access to consumer households and fails to provide refunds under the Iowa Door-to-Door Sales Act.
8-25-05 MetaBank Agrees with State to Provide Better Loan Terms to Dan Nelson Automotive Customers.

July 2005

7-6-05 First PREMIER Bank Agrees to Deny Automatic Withdrawal Services to Telemarketing Scams

June 2005

6-29-05 AGs ask CardSystems Inc. to Explain Data Breach and Alert Consumers
6-22-05 Iowa to Spend Microsoft Attorney Fee Funds on Law Enforcement
6-10-05 Company that Claimed to Sell "Winning" Lottery Numbers Must Make Consumer Refunds

May 2005

5-24-05 State Sues Heather Manor Property Owners
5-10-05 Miller Urges Passage of "Car-Title Loan" Bill.

April 2005

4-28-05 A.G. Urges Passage of "Car-Title Loan" Bill: Miller calls the extremely-high-interest loans "abusive and unconscionable.
4-26-05 More than One Million Iowa Phones Now on "Do Not Call" Registry.
4-19-05 Tobacco Industry Pays $54 Million to Iowa Tobacco Settlement Authority.
4-19-05 Statement of Thomas J. Miller, Attorney General of Iowa: In Support of H.R. 1182, The "Prohibit Predatory Lending Act".
4-1-05 Statement of the Iowa Attorney General's Office: Commenting on the Iowa Supreme Court decision in State of Iowa vs. Cutty's Des Moines Camping Club, Inc.

March 2005

3-29-05 Blockbuster settles with states over allegations that "No Late Free" program was misleading. Consumers may be eligible for refunds if they allege they were misled.
3-17-05 Purchasers of Antidepressant Drug "Remeron" May File for Payments.
3-3-05 A.G. asks Court to Order List Broker to Respond to Telemarketing Fraud Probe.

February 2005

2-28-05 Miller: Order Free Credit Reports Starting March 1, Consumers are entitled to one FREE report per year from each of the three national credit reporting agencies.
2-15-05 "Electracash, Inc." Agrees to Stop Processing Withdrawals for Telemarketing Scams.

January 2005

1-31-05 Miller: States Launch SUV Safety Education Program $27 million public education campaign is aimed at preventing deadly roll-overs.
1-14-05 Credits, Refunds for Iowans Billed for Adult Web Material They Did Not Access or Agree to Buy.
1-13-05 States Settle with Company that Shared Students' Information with Commercial Firms.
1-10-05 States Reach Agreement with State Farm Insurance that Will Result in $40 Million to Consumers.
1-07-05 Attorney General Alleges Consumer Fraud by Dan Nelson Automotive Group.
1-6-05 Attorney General to Fareway: Accept Bottles and Cans Unless There is an Approved Alternative Redemption Center.